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Mentorship Program 

The FFS Mentorship Program offers companies the opportunity to have an experienced food safety professional on their team! This is intended for companies that may need support and guidance from time to time.  

Without the right direction, it is easy to head down the wrong path, wasting precious time and energy. Forward Food Solution's aims to be a resource to the food industry!  Contact us today so that you can also benefit from our knowledge, expertise, and resources! 


The Deliverables:

Six inquires via phone calls or email over 12 months, 30 minute maximum phone calls.

Do you have a question about: 

*transportation issues

*food safety plans


*product issues

*regulatory issues

*supply chain

*product testing 

*lab results

*quality and food safety issues, etc.


Unsure if this is a good fit for your business? Contact us for inquiries! + 1 414-915-1070

Subscription for one year of service from FFS! 

The Nitty Gritty Details:

  • Does Forward Food Solutions enter into a non-disclosure agreement? *Yes, Forward Food Solutions is happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You will be prompted to enter into this upon receiving a confirmation email us. 

  • Consulting will be primarily in the form of phone calls or reviewing emails and providing guidance, with some follow-up work.  

  • Payment=$550/year subscription 

Any questions? Contact Forward Food Solutions today! 

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